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Mine Disturbed - The Lost Children (2011)
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Певец: Disturbed - The Lost Children (2011)

Песня: Mine

Популярность: 0

Продолжительность: 05:04

Дата: 2016-05-11

Текст прочитали: 215

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Текст песни:

Been watching for a long time
Seeing the world drawing closer
To the edge of calamity
How many of our wars have started
Over mankind’s opiate, We call religion
Too many of our children have died,
In the never-ending fight for territory
Are we born to violence?
Can we stop in time?

(They Say) You were warned to remain on your side
You’ll be starting a war now if you cross that line
Turn around or face my reprisal,
For I have determined
That this is mine

Been hurting for a long time
Feeling my heart torn open
From the lack of humanity
Insanity on both sides
Paving the path that guarantees our own extinction
Hate added to the stockpile
Filling the world with enemies
A constant battle, in the face of violence
They emit their cry



We will not be broken this time
We will force the whole world to testify
Stand your ground or face our reprisal
For we have determined
That this is?

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