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4) Slow, Love, Slow (Imaginaerum 2011) Nightwish
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Певец: Nightwish

Песня: 4) Slow, Love, Slow (Imaginaerum 2011)

Популярность: 0

Продолжительность: 05:50

Дата: 2016-02-10

Текст прочитали: 274

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Текст песни:

Come and share this painting with me
Unveiling of me, the magician that never failed

This deep sigh coiled around my chest
Intoxicated by a major chord
I wonder
Do I love you, or the thought of you?

Slow, love, slow
Only the weak are not lonely

Southern blue, mornign dew
Let-down-your-guards, I-love-you's
Ice-cream castles, lips to ear rhymes
A slumber deeper than time

Slow, love, slow
Only the weak are not lonely

Nightwish - Slow, Love, Slow (Lyrics e traduzione)
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